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In times of need, the perfect multi tool can come in handy. Picking the correct multi tool is essential for getting the job done, therefore we will make sure to help you find the best multi tool to last you forever and keep your wallet happy.


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Multi-tools are useful at all times. Their versatility for day to day activities is unmatched by any item you may carry around.  Whether you find yourself at home, at work, or out in the wild, you can always have a multi tool to fit your needs. Because of this, we've created this post to teach you everything you need to know about multi-tools.

best multi tool

Best multi tool add collection

Most individuals may think that multi-tools are only useful for specific outdoor, or work activities, but in reality it’s useful in every scenario.

So how do you decide on which one is the best multi tool to buy? With many products on the market it’s a tough decision. That's why we wrote this guide to make your decision easier

Best Swiss Army Knife

Swiss Army Knife

When we think about a Swiss Army Knive we automatically know we are talking about a do it all multi tool. Ask the average person to name you a multi tool, and most likely they will mention a Swiss Army Knife.

So how do you go about finding the best Swiss Army Knife possible? Read on and find out exactly how and which are the best options .

Leatherman multi tool

 Leatherman multi tool

It is common knowledge that one of the most useful tools to have is a multi tool. A versatile tool that is useful in pretty much any situation.

Leatherman makes the best multi-tools available today despite the huge amount of selections available.

Read on, and find out about the best leatherman multi tools available and what separates them from the rest.


Best oscillating tool

 Oscillating multi tool guide

Getting the best oscillating tool can quite a challenge. There are so many manufacturers and models of the same that it can get quite tricky. 

Nevertheless, you want to get the best one possible to fit your day to day needs. 

Whether its for you to work at home, or for heavy use at your job, we have the best options available for you.  

Swiss army knife vs Leatherman

Swiss army knife vs Leatherman multi-tools

Making informed decisions is always the best choice when purchasing multi-tools, therefore make sure you know as much as possible.

Even when looking at a Swiss Army Knife vs Leatherman multi tool, you have to know what your particular needs are to make the right choice. 

Especially when you consider that within those 2 brands, there are plenty of options to choose from. 

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